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About Brian

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Brian has spent 30 years in the building materials industry in both distribution and manufacturing sectors.  Over that time, he’s held a variety of sale and sales leadership roles.  His experience has given him a keen sense of what salespeople and sales leaders experience in distribution and manufacturing, as well as remodeling professionals selling in the home are dealing with.

Brian has trained thousands of people nationwide and speaks from coast to coast with a focus of helping people find greater success in sales.  His grassroots look at both sales and sales management are refreshing, and his high energy style is always well received.  Brian is a regular contributor to ProSales Magazine and Remodeling Magazine.  Both are leading publications for America’s construction supply executives and professional remodelers.

As Brian’s reach, personal brand and messages have grown, he started The Sales Guy, a training and consulting business to accommodate speaking and training requests that began coming in.


Helping sales and sales management professionals find greater success in their work.

Have Brian speak at your next event. 

The Sales Guy Guiding Principles:

Learn Every Day

We should strive to learn something new each day.  This creates a curiosity in us that drives us to learn more about our customers, markets, and industries.  The old saying is “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, but I believe that old dog will be a less successful dog if learning is not a part of their life.

Engage & Connect

Spend time each day connecting and engaging with those around you.  Customers, prospects, co-workers, neighbors, somebody…anybody.  Get out of your comfort zone – seek opportunities to connect with people and engage them.

Carpe’ Diem

Latin for “Seize the Day”.  Get a firm grip on every day and use the time wisely.  Make the most of your time working…make the most of your personal time.  Life is not a dress rehearsal, make the most of it

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