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How Well Do You Really Know Your Competition?

Be able to effectively communicate the differences between your competition and you to make it easier for customers and prospects to make decisions.

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Nobody Cares About Excuses, They Care About Results

Excuses may make us feel better about our results, but they will not get us any closer to achieving our goals.

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Four Essential Tenets for Great Customer Service

When implemented well, these business beliefs will foster great customer relationships.

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Three Tools to Help Maximize Sales Potential

Over half of your potential success on a sales call is dependent on your ability to ask questions, listen, and observe.

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Plan to Reach Increasing Sales Goals

When it comes to reaching challenging goals, hope is not a strategy.

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Selling During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.

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Use an "Up" Sales Philosophy

To be successful, salespeople must show up, listen up, follow up, and live up.

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7 Words That Boost Sales

Using the right words can help put customers in a buying mood.

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So You Can Talk, But Listening Is Key for Sales

Being inquisitive, listening more than talking, and focusing on your prospect's or customer's results will help you immensely.

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If You Want Something, Ask For It

If your products and service platform are the best, then you owe it to prospects and customers to ask for their business.

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